"Leslie can portray heartbreak and healing, laughter and tears, with just a few well-place strokes of pen on paper. She captured my love and loss and gave me a beautiful piece of art to remind me of what I had. Her work is truly one of my treasures." - Lynn

“Leslie is great at drilling down to the essence of her subjects. A few years ago, my brother was down in the dumps, and was having a hard time shaking it. I was trying to come up with a gift that I could get him to show him that I think he’s great, and that no matter how crappy life seems, there’s always a warm gooey center. I was going through some family photos and I found four pictures of my brother from our childhood that I really thought embodied his personality and what makes him so loveable. Leslie took these pictures and created a series of illustrations that make me happier than words can describe. They almost look like a cartoon home movie; and if you let your eyes glaze over just enough, you’d swear the picture was moving. “
- G

“Everything that I have commissioned Leslie for has turned out great! Some were gifts, and not only did the recipient love them, but so has everybody else who sees them. They always want to know who the artist is and if she will create something for them as well. I’ve cooked up two more projects for her and I can’t wait to see how they turn out!” - Hench
 "$15 t-shirt
1 reasonably priced LPax creation
Showing up to work and your name is on everyone's t-shirt...
Priceless" - S&P

"Leslie's creative ability truly captured my cat's complete and utter bitchiness"
- Carrie 

"If there's work testimonial here, I'd say YOU ROCK, you're my Superwoman, you make miracles happen within a quick turnaround. But nothing of the sort here (fb) so I won't. Haha - THANKS AGAIN!!!!  - SR