lava - pony - land

For some time I've been working on a "real" website at home. I had the idea, the layout, the domain name, even the story - but I didn't have the tools to build my "lavaponyland"..hence this easy little editable blog showcase. I've been ironing out the finer points of having a web presence, and now at long last I can return to the business of drawing (which is the whole purpose for having a website in the first place.)

At any rate, I'm going to post some runners up for my fabled Pony and alter ego until I find the Pony that causes the most mischief. Here's our first two contenders....


I was trying to surprise my mother with another picture of her adopted pet Cassie (aka Meat). I think this is a first attempt rather than a final, Meat isn't really so "dark" - she's a happy jumpy little thing.


Limp Bizkit Illos from the Vault

I was heavy into rap-rock and comics when I first got to Norfolk. So I re-drew lots of the cd covers and imagery contained in them to get a feel for the styles. I was a big L.B. fan for a very long time.


3D Cows


Spiderman, Venom, Deadpool

When I first figured out that the drawing thing was "cool", I decided to draw ALL the things I thought were cool. I would go through comic books and redraw (my way) my favorite poses. These sketches are around 9 years old, but they never got to see anything beyond the flap of the sketch book. If I had a blog then, I would have posted them then. So I'm going to start showing some older stuff for the next few months, whilst I work on my "website".
My fingers are black with conte crayons as I pull this stuff out, but I thought it may be a fun blast from the past.