Iraqui Freedom

My job is military oriented so from time to time, I find myself working on patches for units stationed in Iraq. I'd love to say I came up with the concept for this, but unfortunately it was sent over as a very (very) rough stick figurey skull with a very silly USA helmet of sorts on fabric. I redid the skull and the turbin (turben?) and the rest is up on the screen.



A few (okay 5) years ago, my friends son was asleep on a bean bag in the floor. He just looked cute and peaceful and I drew this while he was being still. It's an older sketch, but it's got a memory and I like it.


In one of my old figure drawing classes we watched a movie called WIT. It chronicled a college professors battle with cancer and just how de-humanizing the clinical side of medicine can be. Our professor froze certain frames of the movie to draw. This was one of my favorites.


Commissioned Stuff

These were pictures I did in response to the manufactured War on Xmas hullaballoo that went on last year.


My cousin Ashley

Yep, she got married.


I drew this when my brother first got his pictures back from Iraq. It doesn't look exactly like him, but then again - none of my portraits do. I kinda like it that way.

This guy was smoking waiting for the bus outside my building.


Alberts Kids

I'm working on a huge family book of sorts to get out by next years end. I figured it was time to celebrate people while they were here. Given that none of us (my family included) can live forever; I'll include sketches of cousins, aunts, uncles, grammas, or who-ever is apart of my big family. Friends too. If I know you, there's a good likely hood there will be a sketch of you.
These were some pictures I drew of my cousins running around after my uncle's memorial last year. A little sketchy, but they caught the mood I think.

A pic of Larry the last time he was at home, showing off his tattoos.

This was a senior councilman speaking on behalf Hurricane Katrina victims in New Orleans.
I thought if I ever make a comic book I'd base my wise sage character on this guy.

Working on the image for a co-worker..will post finished piece upon completion

Pics from the O6 sketchbook

I spotted this fellow at Barnes, working on homework and drinking coffee.