Guest Artist....My brother :)

This week's entry comes to us from Arizona. It's of ...our MOM! :)
I've also commissioned from him a "me".


No Small Personalities

For Scott - who knows his employees have discriminating tastes when it comes to dating. Part of my unofficial discerning t-shirt collection.

Life without a wingman...

For Jen H. - who realizes a good wingman is hard to find, especially when that wingman is co-piloting two planes.

Sha Sha

This is a small flyer I pulled out of my archives ( that should have been posted in March!). At any rate, I loved the idea of a torn paper flyer/ad for a "paper" artist.

Virginia International Tattoo Logo

This logo took 3 years, over 50 different variations, and at least 100 "move over a squoshes". I am extremely pleased with/proud of it. It all began with two bagpipers and a dream. It has also become the gold standard in Leslie Logo Building endurance tests.