Technical issues...

I'm still working out the kinks on blogger in draft. Apparently it doesn't hold it's formatting in all browsers. Sloppy tabbing and useless gaps (padding as its called in web land) doesn't sit entirely well with me. Quite simply - I want the art to fill the space. What's the use in having a billboard on the interstate with text set in 10pt copy? Meh.


Virginia International Tattoo Flags

I recently completed the logo for the Virginia International Tattoo. It's been an ongoing project and I didn't want to post/publish anything to give it away before the Virginia Arts Festival did. Given that these are up in front of Scope - it's officially official now.

That's "my" creation on the bottom of the red flags. And I am like a proud momma (or surrogate if I carried it for 3 years and gave it up.) LOL