This is my homage to Zach Braff. I've been watching alot of Scrubs right after work lately. Funny, funny show.



I went to a Deftones Concert this past Weds.... and it was awesome. In the 90's I used to draw all my fav rock groups So I figured to commemorate 96 and an awesome show...I'd draw and add some lyrics. Huzzah!


Mars Volta

I guess I should start drawing pictures of groups I actually listen to on a regular. Oh well, the Televators video was dope.


Thanksgiving isn't always about Turkey. Mine this year really wasn't. Sometimes I just don't feel like writing out everything. A pictures is worth a thousand headaches.

Corpse Autumn

Autumn loves Corpse Bride and hates Sun Tans.

Tuxedo Un-Masked??

One of my friends loves Sailor Moon, and since he didn't make the Sailor Scouts team I figured he could assist Tuxedo Mask.


Style change up

Sometimes I like to just play with the brushes and markers in photoshop and see where it takes me. No real goal here except to get some ideas out of head and onto paper. Which can really be a challenge considering all the different thoughts floating around in head at any given moment.


Iraqui Freedom

My job is military oriented so from time to time, I find myself working on patches for units stationed in Iraq. I'd love to say I came up with the concept for this, but unfortunately it was sent over as a very (very) rough stick figurey skull with a very silly USA helmet of sorts on fabric. I redid the skull and the turbin (turben?) and the rest is up on the screen.



A few (okay 5) years ago, my friends son was asleep on a bean bag in the floor. He just looked cute and peaceful and I drew this while he was being still. It's an older sketch, but it's got a memory and I like it.


In one of my old figure drawing classes we watched a movie called WIT. It chronicled a college professors battle with cancer and just how de-humanizing the clinical side of medicine can be. Our professor froze certain frames of the movie to draw. This was one of my favorites.


Commissioned Stuff

These were pictures I did in response to the manufactured War on Xmas hullaballoo that went on last year.


My cousin Ashley

Yep, she got married.


I drew this when my brother first got his pictures back from Iraq. It doesn't look exactly like him, but then again - none of my portraits do. I kinda like it that way.

This guy was smoking waiting for the bus outside my building.


Alberts Kids

I'm working on a huge family book of sorts to get out by next years end. I figured it was time to celebrate people while they were here. Given that none of us (my family included) can live forever; I'll include sketches of cousins, aunts, uncles, grammas, or who-ever is apart of my big family. Friends too. If I know you, there's a good likely hood there will be a sketch of you.
These were some pictures I drew of my cousins running around after my uncle's memorial last year. A little sketchy, but they caught the mood I think.

A pic of Larry the last time he was at home, showing off his tattoos.

This was a senior councilman speaking on behalf Hurricane Katrina victims in New Orleans.
I thought if I ever make a comic book I'd base my wise sage character on this guy.

Working on the image for a co-worker..will post finished piece upon completion

Pics from the O6 sketchbook

I spotted this fellow at Barnes, working on homework and drinking coffee.