On to a better tomorrow..

I have to write this story backwards. If this were a movie - it’d begin with the celebration, the leap, and you’d all be whooshed back to the second where I felt like a total piece of poo and had an attitude to reflect it. So let’s begin with the end - shall we?

I just recently (lunchtime TODAY) put in my two weeks notice with a company I have been with for 7 years. I broke out into hand tremors twice this morning and had to consult some former colleagues, now friends that know what it is like to do this at this place. I KNOW I am making the right decision, but it doesn’t make it any less hard. The job market is a barren wilderness and we are all like animals trying to drink from the same waterhole, and have the scratch marks to prove it; which makes leaving a comfortable place all the more daunting, but necessary-none the less. To quote her royal Madgeness “I’m not afraid of what I’ll face, but I’m afraid to stay.” Jump by Madonna for you music nerds.

And now the entire contents of my stomach and a few vocal tremors later (no tears!): I am a fresh short timer whose setting sail on stranger tides the 27th officially. For the record, there was not a mushroom cloud explosion, or an escort out the front door - Only; a well wish, a pre-goodbye, a thank you, and some attempts to brace for life sans “me”. I’m hoping for a pot-luck or a celebratory happy hour, if it happens it happens if not..oh well. Thanks for the memories lux lunch.

I would like to say to my colleagues mainly (friends, family, anyone) who give a poo: I truly believe I’m moving onto a better opportunity, a better chance to shine in my own field and a better chance for me to do the things I need to do to become more self sufficient and adult. TRUST that I wouldn’t make any rash, rush, or hasty decisions - but I HAD to jump in the pool to make a splash.

Not to sound cliche’, I will always value the experience, the things I’ve learned, but mainly the people I was fortunate enough to encounter on this long strange journey. Happily ready to think of you all as FRIENDS..........

Many regards and hugs to you all. :)