Lavaponyland Commissions

Thank goodness this isn't a news column - Right?
I've done a woeful job of updating my own art blog. It's my noncommittal nature to anything I suppose. At any rate, I'm working on commissions. I'm actually trying to draw a 50's style couple standing by a creek. That's all the description I got, so I'm gonna do it my way like Burger King. A few months and software ahead I wanna make this a website with a blog, versus say just this blog. I work in trade for most jobs, so if you have some music, an adventure trade *friends* only (i.e. field trip) I can probably draw something for you.

It's my goal by the end of September to have some old school family portraits - pics of my grand-dad and grandmother back when the dinosaurs walked.

Soo in the meantime, here's the tentative OEF logo I built - It won't make it to the final draft due to fashion inconsistencies, but after that's resolved -- Keep your eyes peeled.