Roses Bloom (in Heaven)

My mom put an excerpt from an old hymn in the paper today.
Then she whispered birds are singing
Songs of melody
And I see the roses blooming
While the angels beckon me

Then mother whispered
In the land so bright and fair
When the roses are blooming
There will be no parting there

This is a picture I sketched out real quick for mom to run with her quote in paper ad today. They couldn't run the illo for whatever reason, so I'll run it here.


Mag Pictures

Found this guy in a magazine.
Thought he had interesting hair.

HOUSE - Attempts

I've noticed sometimes my pictures vary widely in style. While lack of consistency is frowned upon in most "design" blogs, I'm trying to work out which style I want to settle into, so for here I think it'll be fine.

These are my first two attempts at drawing one of my favorite TV characters.
I'm going to keep trying 'til I get this my style AND looking like him sorta.


This is my mom's adopted/part-timer pet Meat. She's a travel sized Terrier who looks similar to a brown Spider Plant. This is one of two sketches I did for her, I'm choosing the other option for color and framing, but this one I thought still merited a showing or two.


I'm working on revamping my "Hope" Poster with something more relevant to things happening after the election. This was a really loose sketch based on a poster in my room. He's looking a little like Nathan on Heroes at the moment. I'm working on it.

OEF Mouthy Broads

My friend G makes these fantastic little sculptures called "Mouthy Broads". These are the three I asked her to make for me. At some point when I have a few quiet moments I'm going to ink these and post them as a comic or a gif.


Concert Poster

AND... another two I'm submitting for free-tix.
These are fun if only because I'm doing them for no other reason than personal amusement.



My mom made a comment once about someone being so lonely sitting waaaaaay up on their pedestal. So I drew it..
It is lonely waaaaay up there.


Believe it or Not...

I'm a graphic designer too..
I made these two posters (hopefully) for free tix at the NorVA.
I'm going to both shows win or lose, but free would be the bees knees.

The concept for both: simple.
3eb I thought 3 "eyes" one of them blind.
I read an article about Gavin Rossdale switching to an acoustic guitar for some of his smaller venue shows, so I thought ..whimsical guitar art.

Going to do two more fun - Band of Horses and Snoop Dogg. I think more very literal translations are in order.

Baby Cat

I think this is the final version of Baby Cat for Mom. I'm going to use some watercolors and inks on the final water color before it gets framed, but I'm pleased with it.