Same place new "face"

You may have noticed the new banner (or not, I won't be terribly offended). Leslie is busy working on design projects, but Lavapony is making some changes.

At the moment I was about to pack it up and head over to Wordpress, it seems blogger has given me some new layout toys to play with. So stay tuned for the new and improved Lavaponyland in 3-D Just kidding!:) Or not..I'm sure there's some juicy gossip to read on Perez.



I recently completed an illustrated set for my friend (and fantastic printer/promotional merchandiser extraordinaire) JC. This is her and her counterpart Mike promoting their product in the southern most region of Lavaponyland. JK JK - but it does get hot out there.


My godson brought home his hand scribbled Abe Lincoln drawing and asked me to draw one for him (art for art only seems fair). This particular president has a special significance to me in particular due to some select coincidences in grade school.*
*Great for inside jokes, but not so good as a general blog posts.


Typography Experiments

I was recently (accidentally) involved in a pfolio review at my old school (I can't bring myself to say alma mater..without visualizing a Pterodactyl flying past). I think I learned more from the students than they learned from me. One thing being that text and type can be fun. With deadlines looming and the only time for things being due as NOW in the real world (of in-house graphic design) - I had forgotten that text can be art - and if the project is MINE I can type whatever I want.


Caricatures for JC

I used to make little caricatures in Illustrator all the time. I've been more into drawing things with my Sharpies these days. I thought I'd show the two different interpretations of the same person side by side.

LJ's Corner

My nephew gave me these. I'm going to start showcasing his work here, since my fridge and office are running out of room.