This was a departure from Leslie "style". It's a collage of interesting pictures I found on the interwebs from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (another one of my favorite shows). I removed the midtones, kept only the shadows and the highlights, and kept it a two color scheme.


True Blood Quotes

Here's the TB poster I was working on with some of my favorite quotes from the show. I really have been wanting to explore illo's with patterns and 2 : 3 color schemes. Just for fun.


We now return to...

....your regularly scheduled program that's already in progress.
In this case, Bones.

You can find your fair share of movie posters on the interwebs, but not much in terms of TV (that isn't of the Disney or Tiger Beat nature). So, I'm making some of my own (mini-posters) for my favorite shows for fun.

Next up True Blood.


Happy Halloween :)

I only said I wasn't drawing this month, I didn't say anything about sculpting or carving. ;)


I am Leslie's Neglected Blog...

I'm not drawing again until again November. Why? Lots to do and a serious lack of time for idle pontification. It turns out when you make a decision that you want to draw, your graphic design projects will increase substantially and at some point between work, family, friends, and some fun..a person actually requires some sleep.

So I'm going to put down the sharpie and have a solid sketch break 'til November.


Sketches from Anatomy Class

I finally dug out these oversized sketches from under my bed. Hoping at some point I'll get another opportunity to take this class again...


Car Sketches

Malcolm recently acquired an ancient 67? Station Wagon. I'm sorta fascinated by it. Here's some sketches of "UGLY" - again working on moving out of my comfort zone.


MJ Stuff

I've been glued to the TV set the past few weeks watching all of the Michael Jackson stuff. I couldn't help but feel a little nostalgic for the times I first heard his music. Thriller may have been the first or second video that I watched repeatedly on MTV. (I say first or second, because there were large periods of time where the only video I ever seen there was Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer"). AT any rate - similar to my Obama 11x17 I carved out, I thought I'd do some posters for Michael. This is a first draft of my first idea - am going to dirty up this one and eventually make one from the "thriller" error as well.

I want to "draw" the graphics, versus using the vector illos I've pulled apart from other things. I'll have to see how my time/process plays out.



Here's my 2nd go round of Cassie. The simple background works much better than the grass, and the dog looks more like a dog than Gizmo.


lava - pony - land

For some time I've been working on a "real" website at home. I had the idea, the layout, the domain name, even the story - but I didn't have the tools to build my "lavaponyland"..hence this easy little editable blog showcase. I've been ironing out the finer points of having a web presence, and now at long last I can return to the business of drawing (which is the whole purpose for having a website in the first place.)

At any rate, I'm going to post some runners up for my fabled Pony and alter ego until I find the Pony that causes the most mischief. Here's our first two contenders....


I was trying to surprise my mother with another picture of her adopted pet Cassie (aka Meat). I think this is a first attempt rather than a final, Meat isn't really so "dark" - she's a happy jumpy little thing.


Limp Bizkit Illos from the Vault

I was heavy into rap-rock and comics when I first got to Norfolk. So I re-drew lots of the cd covers and imagery contained in them to get a feel for the styles. I was a big L.B. fan for a very long time.


3D Cows


Spiderman, Venom, Deadpool

When I first figured out that the drawing thing was "cool", I decided to draw ALL the things I thought were cool. I would go through comic books and redraw (my way) my favorite poses. These sketches are around 9 years old, but they never got to see anything beyond the flap of the sketch book. If I had a blog then, I would have posted them then. So I'm going to start showing some older stuff for the next few months, whilst I work on my "website".
My fingers are black with conte crayons as I pull this stuff out, but I thought it may be a fun blast from the past.


Not a fluffy affair..

This is my first non-pet/person illo I've attempted in a while (besides my soda bottles that I doodle sitting on my desk). I may try a technology series just to see how well my style meshes with different "non-living" things.



Possibly the rarest breed of carnivorous penguin. Don't worry fish, he only comes out during the full moon.


This technically doesn't fall under the realm of "illustration" - but I had fun designing this.


This was loosely based on the Blue Mt. Dew slurpee at 7-11.



It's time for our Frozen Food book at work, so for a few weeks I'll be making penguins left and right. Here's my first "monstrous" creation.


Roses Bloom (in Heaven)

My mom put an excerpt from an old hymn in the paper today.
Then she whispered birds are singing
Songs of melody
And I see the roses blooming
While the angels beckon me

Then mother whispered
In the land so bright and fair
When the roses are blooming
There will be no parting there

This is a picture I sketched out real quick for mom to run with her quote in paper ad today. They couldn't run the illo for whatever reason, so I'll run it here.


Mag Pictures

Found this guy in a magazine.
Thought he had interesting hair.

HOUSE - Attempts

I've noticed sometimes my pictures vary widely in style. While lack of consistency is frowned upon in most "design" blogs, I'm trying to work out which style I want to settle into, so for here I think it'll be fine.

These are my first two attempts at drawing one of my favorite TV characters.
I'm going to keep trying 'til I get this my style AND looking like him sorta.


This is my mom's adopted/part-timer pet Meat. She's a travel sized Terrier who looks similar to a brown Spider Plant. This is one of two sketches I did for her, I'm choosing the other option for color and framing, but this one I thought still merited a showing or two.


I'm working on revamping my "Hope" Poster with something more relevant to things happening after the election. This was a really loose sketch based on a poster in my room. He's looking a little like Nathan on Heroes at the moment. I'm working on it.

OEF Mouthy Broads

My friend G makes these fantastic little sculptures called "Mouthy Broads". These are the three I asked her to make for me. At some point when I have a few quiet moments I'm going to ink these and post them as a comic or a gif.