2011 Peace Out.

Beyonce Chillin.
Writing these blogs around NYE always feels so cliche, especially when you're out trying to have a good time and get into mischeif..who has the time to update a blog??

As it turns out creativity isn't as overrated as I thought. Powersuits, agencies, and downtown living are however. (Much to my suprise. ) College Leslie smiles..feels a little shocked but then concedes she'd rather wear jeans or go running anyways.  10 Year Old Leslie returns to drawing her X-Men and smiles because it turns out happiness is more important than money. 

I'm back doing a job that I really love..with time for the types of after work endeavors that I enjoyed doing in the first place.

I have plenty to show for 2011, but I'll post certain pieces and tell the story some other time when I am feeling nostalgic.

For now - look for some old projects made new again..


Unicorns..in their natural habitat. 
And enjoy some pictures of my favorite things from 2011.

March 2011_Project Ovation!