And the winner is....

This was the final selection for this years Town Point Virginia Wine Festival. I loved working on the designs for this nearly as much as I love attending.

Winefest and Me

Long before I ever attended a Town Point Wine Festival, I had an appreciation for the mermaid posters that accompanied the festival for years. I always wanted my crack at rendering the girls, and recently got the chance - but FE wanted to go a new direction instead using different interpretations of wine itself. These were my first drafts - that didn't make the cut (at least this year).

These were a rare opportunity for me to develop illustration specifically meant for repetitive graphic design use.



True Confessions: I obviously worked on materials for this in April/May.  That being said, I was proud of this piece and didn't get to showcase it like I wanted at that time.  Lavaponyland is playing catch-up these days.  So hang in there loyal readers, more graphics goodness on the way.