My coworker had this professionally framed.
My photography is slightly lackluster (this Canon is toooo fancy if you know what I mean). I was very pleased with the final final.

Baby Cat

I'm working on this image of Baby Cat for my mom and also to display at a few local pet shops (in hopes of boosting Leslie awareness.) After winning some high school art shows with cat pictures I promised myself that I'd draw only people art from now on. I have to admit though, pet pics are still a nice supplemental income.


The Snarkabet

My nephews love (the work of) Eric Carle - and so do I! I got to thinking about making some sorta poster/multi-frame E.C. styled alphabet for them. I was also thinking I'd use it to show different font styles too. I have 26 creatures to make so I thought I'd post my first letter today. F is for Franklin Font & Frog. It's a work in progress.


Fruit Lady

Someone asked me to draw an old-skool art neauveau (sp) type lady carrying fruit for some comic splurp I was working on. I can't remember why, but here she is anyway. Think I'll go back in and color this later.


I've been told that this cat looks disturbed in nearly every picture he takes. Possibly due to the large amount of dogs in the house constantly trying to sniff his b*tt. :)


Something I was working on for my friend Scarlet. I haven't really settled on a style yet. Cartoony? Dark? Portraitee?


This was a birthday present for a coworkers brother.



Illos from the 2001 Sketchbook -

Here's some sketches of me, mom, and larry from my 2001 SB. I was feeling nostalgic last week and decided to dig these books up and start posting some old skool stuff.