Sometimes when a person falls in love with tv shows, they have to make fan art. And this is what I will do until I'm bored with Sons of Anarchy.  I dedicate this post to Hench.  Obsession transfer complete.


Majestic Facial Hair

I am Drogo's crazy eyeliner.
I tend to lord over some of my "less finished" doodles on my iPad. This is in part due to very weird insecurities and then a battle over whether or not these are blog worthy...and then another rabbit hole debate over this being a "blog" and how I have 3.2 readers. 
My friend Mac found an article detailing the horrendous age of Liefeld comics - and I no longer felt insecure about my illos. It's kinda like walking on the beach and looking at all the hot people but then you see someone really unfit.....just being fearless and confident. Ladies and Gentlemen it's time to be fearless.  It's time to put on the artkini.
So as of this blog post no more debating. Whatcha gonna do when Leslie's majestic facial hair collection sketches run wild on you!!



So my first posts of 2013 come with a confession, I've been cheating on Lavaponyland with this here tumblr account.  I'll admit - it's nice to get some likes from people I don't even know. On the flip-side -  I'll probably leave the internet forever the first hint of a negative reception.  It's also nice to just have all my own stuff here, un-cluttered without having to worry about seeing a NSFW image up on my screen.

Goals for 2013 -
  • More pictures from the real camera!
  • More commissions!
  • More gifs!
  • The graphic novel floating in my head that needs to get out. 

just more. 


Aidan & Noah