I had a hard time remembering just how semi-crappy certain parts of 2010 were because the final season of the year was just so epic and fantastic..it seemingly erased the months that weren’t that way.  And I won’t go back to the crappy part here because well I look like Mothra in flames over Tokyo when I am sad and who wants to reflect on the bad when there is so much to look forward too. So maybe Lavaponyland isn’t as high on caffeine or as low on hope. Maybe it’s running on some different fuel these days?  

Some I’m going to dedicate this post to goals acheived!

There were four I was thinking about for years. 
1.  I wanted to eventually design something iconic for Norfolk. (done!)
2.  I wanted an elegant printed piece. (done!)
3.  I wanted the winefest mermaid. (not the mermaid, but I got to participate!)
4.  I wanted to invest in myself with a fantastic home computer. (mine!)

I credit these successes in part to a few fantastic individuals who believed in me when I had put myself on the recycling heap and PUSHED until I got it together again. I hope you know who you are, I don’t know quite how to thank you for being so awesome, but until I do - I will try my best not to let you down and to pay it forward in however many ways is necessary.  You guys set the gold standard in friendships. I won’t forget it. 

This year I want from the universe:
My website redesigned posted, slick, formal looking.
More illustration commissions. 
A comfy mattress (which will hopefully result from the two previously mentioned items).
Faster downloading speeds.

I resolve to:
Stretch before I run.
Facebook diet. 
Share more things with my voice instead of my keypad. 
Trade coffee for Chai Tea. 
Work on fingernail maintenance and upkeep.
Remember that while it’s awesome to stay busy and partay....it’s also nice to chill and just watch TV.
Watch Battlestar Galactica from Season 1 all the way until the end.

This’ll be the last writing entry on here for awhile. Time to get back to posting design in all it’s many glorious shapes and forms. Happy New Years.