Leslie's Angels

There's been a rampant crime spree on the streets of Clifton Forge these days. (And no, I don't mean a runaway cow.)
So who do you call, The Angels of course.


Old Territory

I try not to retread places I've already been before with my sketches, but I was called out on my comic nerd-dom the other day and thought I'd pull out my favorite comics..(the X-Men) which feature my favorite character Gambit. Say what you will about him, but I always thought a card throwing, bow staff wielding, trench coat wearing hero was the coolest thing since Wonderbread. I'm still mad he wasn't in the movie, Toad - but no Gambit? Come on!!

I don't read them much now as they appeal to much younger age demographic and reality has set in, but every once in awhile I go back. After all, comics led me to graphic design and the entire art world in the first place.


A Reyes Reinterpretation

I've reinterpreting alot of other people's family pictures lately (for fun, for modest commissions, or for presents.) I must say it's alot of fun just hearing the story's behind the pictures and making my own while I drawn them. Since I got this one off of a photograph, I misinterpreted what was supposed to be a clutch bag as a piece of someone's pants. Turns out the person in question was not wearing silk creme colored pants as I thought (thank goodness) but wearing black trousers. S. assures me that said person keeps up with fashion trends. )And was not wearing silky pants.)


Merry X-Mas..

Decided to give some framed artwork this year for Christmas presents. It worked out alot better than an anticipated.
Thought I'd share it with you peeps.
Happy (belated) Holidays..!