Books in the Park/Acoustic Festival

I meant to post these before the event so they could function as FYI as well as blog portfolio pieces. 

Curses Netflix distracting me from my blog duties. 

* These were rack cards resized for blog viewing.



This little dog means the world to my Aunt Lou and Uncle Ron, unbeknownst to them I'm working on this piece for my mom to give them for Christmas. I'm keeping this as exhibit a. that my mom does indeed like dogs, especially Ian.

*UPDATE* Gift went over smashingly well. I may have to start on some more good will endeavors and drop offs. Christmas Prints!

Bayou Boogaloo...... Revisited

I know I had already posted something for the Boogaloo a few months ago, but I recently got some accolades for it. So I thought I would repost the outside panels. The theme for the piece design wise was nothing fancy in terms of the folds, but spicy in terms of colors and layout.

On-site piece (tabloid) resized for blog viewing

The fonts used were Nueva (display) & Futura (body).