I'm reading the Twilight Series...so I'm sure these are the first of many Edward Cullen and Bella Swan doodles.



I'm working on a patch and logo for a local group of supply soldiers in Afghanistan called the Sand Squids. Here's my early ideas for the patch.. 10 tentacles for each member of the group. Sand color for sand (duh). Weapons = Supplies. Will be adding various other elements over the next few weeks.


Another freelance dog for my friend Carrie.



I was going to pull this piece together around the premise that if the McCain-Palin ticket wins I'd move to Canada. Then I thought, I'm totally NOT moving to Canada or any other country for that matter, so I need to find a way to make this work.

I'm waiting for my magic hilarious quote to come for this illustration, but it's not happening. I tried layering "their" quotes in the background, but they were too boring and long winded to be poignant.

I'm not sure if it's because I'm not good at going negative (ha) or if I am so disturbed by all of McPalin's attacks on MY candidate. SO I'm open to ideas. This illo is not finished yet, so friends - Email me some ideas.

Show me the funny.


Excuse the mess!

I really did like my "Sleepy-Time-Faux-VanGogh" banner type thing, but it really didn't make much sense for my blog other than I liked it and thought it was pretty. I did that in '99 or 2000 (the banner not the blog). So I thought it was time for a complete revamp featuring amorphous lava-lamp like blots with ponies in them, a superhero me, and still some van-gogh-ey waves to satisfy my inner impressionist.

Bear with me until I get these colors and fonts like I want them. Web endeavors are not for the impatient. :)


Yes, I CAN!

Some of the "home-made" artwork coming out of the Obama-campaign is simply fantastic.
I couldn't resist throwing my own stuff into the pile. I hadn't even heard of the term agit-prop art (art to agitate the masses) until this campaign. It's genius to enlist an army of disillusioned and broke graphic fartists.

IF you're into looking at cool posters and political art, I recommend omgposters.com it's a quick source of inspiration and small images to decorate your cube with.

Stay tuned for the next in the series loosely titled "CANADA".


Jen's Tattoo Party

I got perhaps my funniest "notes" on this illo that I've gotten to date.
1. Add manly hair
2. Increase package
3. "Up-size" Rack
4. Pet-lypo

Who says work can't be fun!



Attention OEF Readers (but just the ones that actually like me..)

I'm celebrating my Birthday with several friends (you may know) at Baxters, this Saturday from 9 to whenever.....

It's casual..think Happy Hour on Saturday. I'd love to see some peeps that haven't came out in awhile. Presence not "presents" is all that I'd like. Buying me or one of the other virgos a shot would be fantastic, but not required.

All zodiac signs are welcome, but extra hugs should be given for those who have August and Sept. Bdays.

Air Hugs!


Owl Gif


In the first of many future attempts to learn Flash better, here's an owl in a beat up old car. I thought he could use a better way to fly/travel.

Ideally (with a little more time), I'd like to have the clouds more smokey, with an explosion and the car breaking down somehow.


Sorta Pancakes..

I say sorta because this Pancakes looks a little mischievous or has been bitten by one of the vampires from 30 Days of Night.



Shorty's evil doppleganger..

Shorty is supposed to be in a clothes basket, but b/c it's late in the day and I'm ready to go home, it's all dark and scribbly.



Freelance goes wrong..

when the ideas of the proprietor do not match the ideas of the architect.


Since there's some things you really shouldn't commit to print especially when it involves the bread and butter aspects of your life - say it with pictures.




Here's some more special requested artwork.
These aren't finished yet (they need color) for that special cute factor.


the sunday after next

More Next Sunday sketching.
Oh crystal ball, please help me finish this eternal infernal drawing.



More Chrimmas pictures I worked on for friends. :)

Next Sunday?

I'm working on a book cover for a former co-worker of mine about a couple from the 1950's. This cover didn't make the cut because they look too "Abercrombie" and not very "Grease". I like it on it's own as a drawing so I thought I'd post it.

Sunny & Paul

I did this as a Xmas present for my friend Sunny who so graciously hooked me up with Tori Amos tix and NoVA room and board despite my treacherous D.C. driving ability and Typhoid Mary - like sinus infection.